Ultra Micro Balances with Touchscreen Indicator

Ultra Micro Balances

UCM series of Balances has been designed to meet high requirements for measuring small masses with high Readabilty. They are equipped with Touch Screen display with extended user menu. In order to guarantee proper accuracy of measurements, automatic system of calibration has been applied. Micro Balance consists of two components. One of them contains electronic modules, and the other precise Mechanical measuring system. Such a solution guarantees elimination of temperature change and hence influencing the indications of the Micro Balance.

Balances are equipped with esthetic, cylindrical shaped weighing chamber with small glass draught sheild. All elements of the weighing chamber are manufactured from glass or metal which minimize the influence of electrostatic charges on weighing result. Micro Balance is equipped with user friendly menu. User has access to multiple functions and measuring units which allow for specification of working requirements. Micro balance software allows for composition of GLP procedures as standard printout or as freely definable non-standard printout. Balance series UCM is equipped with RS 232, PS 2 output and possibility of connecting additional display as standard.

Standard Features

Ultra-micro & Microbalances
Our Micro balances meet the highest requirements when it's a matter of obtaining fast and exceptionally accurate results.
These balances offer maximum support when used as inspection, measuring and test equipment within a quality management system. The following performance features make your quality assurance procedures much easier:
  • Fully automatic Internal calibration and adjustment feature
  • ISO|GLP-compliant recording
Filter weighing: Models CM5F have been specially designed for weighing filters of up to 100 mm in diameter. The draft shield is made completely of metal, thereby minimizing the interfering effects of static electricity.

Pipette Calibration: Model CM21P have been specially designed for calibration of pipettes. Non-centrically located aperture in the upper part of the chamber makes it easier to insert a pipette. This allows pipette calibration with a closed weighing chamber to obtain micro gram accuracy.

Infra Red Sensor: Thanks to infrared sensors, you can weigh without touching the balance. Everything is done automatically with a wave of your hand. You can focus completely on the sample, and weigh valuable or toxic substances safely and without spilling.

Glass draft shield:
Balances are equipped with esthetic, cylindrical shaped motorized draft shield with small glass. A special coating on the glass inside the chamber eliminates interfering factors such as those caused by electro statically charged objects.

Good Repeatability:
Microbalance consists of two components. One of them contains electronic modules, and the other precise mechanical measuring system. Such a solution elimination of temperature changes influencing the weighing of the micro balance and thus it yield great repeatability of your weighing results.

Perfect Auto Internal calibration:
Thanks to Perfect Auto Internal calibration! When the ambient temperature changes by a specific value or once a defined time interval has elapsed, it performs internal calibration and adjustment fully automatically. Therefore, the balance ensures that calibration is carried out at regular intervals, and delivers consistently high accuracy.

Fast Results:
With stabilization times of only 10 seconds, will save your valuable time during each weighing operation. 

More than weighing:
5 different pre-programmed applications other than basic weighing ease your routine lab work like, Filling, Statistics, Checking weighing, Percent weighing and air buoyancy correction

Brilliant readability:
High Contrast Graphical Display with backlit ensures excellent readability. Text prompts in plain English (and your choice of other languages) guideyou quickly and confidently in configuring the balance.

User can access to multiple application other than just weighing and measure in multiple units. It generate GLP compliance print out and also user can configured freely non standard printout.

All balance generated data can be logged via RS232C for efficient data capture. PS/2 interface will allow user to input data easily through computer keyboard.

Wide Range:
CM31 offers an exceptionally wide weighing range up to a capacity of 31 g and outstanding metrological specifications, making it ideal for highly accurate micro weighing and for weighing micro-quantities into heavy tare containers.

Technical Specifications

REPEATABILITY(+/-)0.3 µ gm
LINEARITY(+/-)0.5 µ gm
PAN SIZE(mm/inch)16 mm
CALIBRATIONPerfect Auto Internal Time & Temp. Controlled Smart Calibration
DISPLAY5.7” Touch Screen
POWER SUPPLYA/C Adaptor 230V or 115V +/- 20% 50-60Hz
NET WT. / GROSS WT.10.20 kgs / 14.70 kgs
PACKING SIZE565 x 565 x 355 / 22.2” x 22.2” x 14”