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Water activity is closely related to food quality.
EZ-200 is a device that measures this water activity easily and accurately.
The measurement time is reduced 30% compared to a previous model, and the operability is improved now including a touch panel.
Please feel free to utilize the high accuracy functions for better quality management.

EZ-200(Water Activity Meter).Please feel free to utilize the high accuracy functions for better quality management.


  • Accurate measurement with a sensor less susceptible to alcohol
  • Easy replacement and calibration of the sensor (tool-free)
  • Control of sensor deterioration due to acids by placing a sensor protection filter (option)
  • Device storage of up to 100 measurement data; USB memory available (CSV output)
  • Made in Japan

Product Specification

Product nameWater Activity Meter
SensorElectrical resistance type
Measurement range0.10~0.98 Aw
Select "Round off","Round down", or "Round up" of the third decimal place to indicate value with two decimal places.
Measurement precision±0.01 Aw(25℃±0.3℃)
Measurement timeOn average 10 min./sample
Calibration4 points (0.33、0.53、0.75、0.93 Aw) /25℃
Usage environment

 15℃~35℃(no condensation)

Power supply

 100~240V 47~63Hz

Dimentions 165(W)×130(H)×270(D)mm
Weight 4.3Kg
AccessoriesPower adapter, sample containers(5), constant humidity salt for calibration(4 types), silica gel, grease
OptionsSample containers(10), constant humidity salt, sensor protection filters(10), sensor board and packing for replacement, grease, intake air filters
* Please note that the product specifications are subject change without prior notice.

Screen of the touch Panel