Name of the company CHROMATEC comes from the words CHROMATography and ECology. The company was established in 1991 by group of engineers experienced in gas chromatographic field. Chromatec team aims to satisfy customers' expectations by creating top quality products and services, providing key solutions in various applications, widening product portfolio, constant improving results. Thanks to such activity for many years Chromatec became one of the leaders in gas chromatography on Russian and CIS market.

Nowadays Chromatec has above 300 skilled engineers, researchers and production workers of different types. Owing to close collaboration of designers, technologists, programmers, service and production personnel we permanently develop our company, improve quality of products and services.

Company is located in three own buildings occupying area over 12200 m2. There are offices, R&D center, service support, manufacturing facilities.


  • Designing of mechanical parts, hardware and software for produced instruments
  • Instruments research and testing
  • Application support and development


  • High level of knowledge in gas chromatography
  • Total quality control
  • Versatile process machinery facilities including computer numerical control (CNC) lathes and mills, blanking and bending machines, laser-welding apparatus
  • Highly precise measuring machines and metal quality control instruments
  • Soldering facilities for automatic electronic boards assembling
  • Testing laboratory


Chromatec is committed to the highest quality of the products, that's why Chromatec production facilities are equipped with a wide range of machines capable to make products from the ground up.

Thanks to these facilities Chromatec gained a capability to produce and keep on perfect quality of parts, assemblies and whole instruments, furthermore to guarantee accuracy and precise of data obtained by its instruments from one to another. ISO 9001 Quality System is fully implemented throughout each of the stage: development, manufacture and service of products. Chromatec became the first among Russian manufacturers in development of many high-technological products for GC market.


Crystal 9000 GC is fully controlled by Chromatec Analytic Software. 
Interface of Chromatec Analytic is customizable and designed for every unique needs of every user and flexible for every skill level. 


Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph / Mass-Spectrometers