Chromatec's unique GC/MS solutioins offer both unsurpassed sensitivity an unparalleled stability for a wide range of applications in any laboratory. The system can deliver high-performance, throughtput and accuracy.
Chromatec Crystal GC-MSD is fully automated, designed for very easy service and has a user friendly software. Instrument features a wide range of accessories and compatible with all Chromatec’s sample introduction systems.

Key Features

 OptionsChemical ionization
Direct Probe System (DPS)
 Operation Modes                            Scan
Scan & SIM (Simultaneous)
 Scan SpeedUp to 20,000 amu/sec
 Leak TestIntegrated
 Detection SystemHigh-sensitivity off-axis 10 kV dynode plus long-life
electron multiplier
 Ion SourceMade of an inert material with minimal adsoprtion
 FilamentsDual for EI and CI
 Other featuresGlass windows for observing filament operation
Dual reagent gas for CI