Freund EZ-100ST

Water activity is closely related to food quality. EZ-100ST is a device that measures this water activity easily and accurately. Please feel free to utilize the high accuracy functions for quality management.

Features :

  • It is possible to measure a wide range highly accurately
    Measures Aw 0.10 - 0.98 range at Aw ±0.01 with high accuracy.
  • It is possible to measure with simple operations.
    Set the sample and start the measurements by simply pressing the start button.
  • Automatic Completion Determination System
    When the measurement value stabilizes, the completion is automatically detected and the measurement results are displayed when the buzzer sounds.
  • Compact design
    The body of the measurement device is of compact design. It is light and installation is simple.
  • It is possible to send measurement instructions from and save on a PC.
    In addition to operations on the body of the device, it is possible to send measurement instructions from a PC. Moreover, data can be imported to a PC and it is possible to monitor measurement status and save log data.
  • * Measurement time 15 minutes on average *



Product nameWater Activity (Aw) Measurement Device
Sensorelectrical resistance type(High polymer)
Measurement rangeAw0.10 - 0.98
Measurement accuracyAw±0.01 (25℃ in incubator)
Internal resolutionAw±0.002
Calibration4 points (Aw 0.33, 0.53, 0.75, 0.93) 25℃
Usage environment

15℃-35℃(no condensation)

Electricity requirements

AC100v (adapter, DC9V internal (+) type)

Accessories1 electrical adapter, 1 PC connection cable, 5 sample containers, Nacl high grade reagent, silica gel, simple user’s manual, CD-R (communication software Awmterm, user’s manual)