The analyzer of somatic cells in milk “Somatos Mini”

Viscosimetric milk analyzer Somatos Mini is designed for control of milk and determination of the amount of somatic cells based on the method of determination of viscosity estimated by the time of the controlled sample outflow through the capillar. 
Areas of application: dairy farms, regional veterinary and dairy laboratories, milk processing plants. Somatos Mini is a compact, inexpensive, simple and convenient in service and operation instrument for measurements of somatic cells in milk. Somatos Mini is a modification of somatic cells analyzer "Somatos" which has given a very good account of itself in the Russian market. 

 The device allows to do the following: 
  • Dairy farms - by regularly checking samples of milk from each quarter of udder, to reveal it in time and to cure cows of mastitis, thus providing stable delivery of ecologically pure milk (consequently with increased price). 
  • Veterinary laboratories and test stations of farmer cooperatives - to receive a possibility to provide farmers with selection of calves that are stable against diseases and have high milking capacity. 
  • Milk processing plants - to inspect ecological cleanness of milk arriving from farmers.

Technical Description

Range of measurement of the amount of somatic cells in 1 cm³ / 1 ml.

90,000 to 1500,000

Determination range of the time of liquid ouflow

0.1 to 99.9 seconds

Conventional viscosity (time of outflow) of 15 cm³ of distilled water

(8,3 +/- 0,3) sec

Relative error of conventional viscosity (not more than)


Intermixing of the blend is performed automatically

within (30+/-10) sec

Diameter of the operating vessel capillar

(1,5 +/-0,05) mm

Volume of milk sample per one measurement

10 cm³

Power Supply

220V/AC, 50 Hz

Power Consumption

max. 20 VA

Average duration of one measurement (not more than)

4 minutes

The analyzer's dimensions (H*W*D)

290 x 270 x 180 mm

The analyzer's weight (not more than)

2 kg

By the results of tests, the instrument has shown higher convergence with outcome of arbitration method, than a 100 times more expensive optical fluorescence instrument with similar functions.

The instrument is included in the State Register of Russian Federation for Measurement Devices. 
The measurement method corresponds to standards of Russian Federation (GOST 23 453-90).