Milk quality analyzer "Laktan 1-4M" model 700

Internal printer 
The results are immediately printed out by the internal printer after they appear on the display. 

Allows to collect data Online. The data then can be saved and processed on computer. Print out the data reports on the printer connected to your computer or you can leave them in electronic form and send via e-mail. 

2 years warranty. The service center would not leave you without attention and will provide warranty repair, if necessary, and post warranty service. The repair is done professionally and in the shortest possible time. 

The analyzer is supplied with the factory calibration for cow milk and doesn't require monthly calibrations as infrared analyzers. If necessary, you can calibrate the analyzer for any kind of milk with the help of software, which is supplied together with the analyzer. 

This is one of the most recent devices and it is registered in the State Register. The device is also entered in the State Register of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania. 

180 x 310 x 220mm, weight 6 kg. 

Working mode 
The device should warm up to work in a normal way. It will warm up automatically. When the device is ready for work, there will be a message on the display. Warm up time is about 5 minutes. Just turn it on. After the device has been warmed up, you can enjoy analyzer's work all day long. 

An autosampler for automatic samples supply can be delivered together with the analyzer. 

Sibagropribor supplies cable and software, which works under Windows to connect the analyzer with the computer.

Technical Description

  • The acidity of the analyzed milk is no more than 25 °Т
  • Milk sample should be not less than 25ml
  • Voltage - 100-250 V
  • Power consumption not more than 150W


Range of measurement

Standard deviation

Fat, %

0 - 9


Protein, %

1,5 - 3,5


SNF, %

6 - 12


Density, kg/m3

1000 - 1040


Water, %

1 - 100


Freezing point, C0

...0,520 ...0