Milk Quality Analyzer "Laktan 1-4M" Model 900 - SUPER FAST

We are glad to present our latest innovative product which no doubts will revolutionize the milk analysis process in Dairy Industry. 

This is our new super fast milk analyzer (with the measurement speed of 5 seconds only!) Laktan 900 and Complete Milk Collection System on the basis of Laktan 900. 

Milk quality analyzer "Laktan 1-4M" model 900 - SUPER FAST

Main Features: 

  • Measurement in near infrared area 
  • Based on the latest state-of-the-art technologies 
  • Measurement time is only 5 seconds per sample 
  • Economical price 
  • Automatic washing 
  • Perfect accuracy of measurements and stability 
  • Simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation 
  • Specialized software (English language) 
  • Measurement of cow milk samples, buffalo milk samples and mix milk samples