Moisture Balance

Moisture analyzer "Evlas-2M"

Moisture analyzer "Evlas-2M"

Moisture analyzer "Evlas-2M"

Moisture analyzer "Evlas-2M"

Moisture analyzer "Evlas-2M" is intended for moisture measurement in solid, dry, fibrous, paste-like materials, water suspensions and nonaqueous liquids in laboratory conditions by thermogravimetric method. These devices have been successfully used in all kinds of laboratories for more than 10 years. Now "Evlas -2M" has a modern attractive design, smaller size and weight, it is equipped with a new construction drier, which decreases the time of measurement in comparison with the previous device. 

Products' moisture is essential characteristics of raw material and processed products. 
Our analyzer will meet all your demands concerning moisture measurement.

"Evlas -2M" - a wide range analyzer combines precise scales, drying oven, desiccator for cooling and calculator. So you have one measurement device instead of several units. Very simple to work and maintain, it doesn't require high qualified personnel.


  • Agriculture: grain, seeds of different crops, wool and fibers, grain mixtures and mixed fodder, any flour, etc. 
  • Manufacture of bread and grain products: flour, dough, yeast, bread, bakery, noodles, pasta, etc.
  •  Manufacture of confectionery: flour, dough, cream, butter, margarine, semi-finished products, confectionery mixes, jelly, finished products, etc.
  •  Oil crops seeds processing: seeds, oilcake, etc.
  •  Fat and cosmetic enterprises: mayonnaise, margarine, cream, jelly, semi-finished goods, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  •  Food industry and processing plants: cereals, mixes, dry prepared food, dry beverages, flakes, corn flakes, mushrooms, berries, nuts, canned food, etc.
  •  Meat and food processing plants: meat and meat products, as well as their components (sausage, minced meat, canned meat, spicery, etc.)
  •  Fish processing plants and fish canneries: fish, sea mammals, sea invertebrates, products of their processing, etc.
  •  Milk processing plants: butter, cheese, cottage cheese, powdered milk, powdered cream, yogurts, prepared food, etc.
  •  Pharmaceutical industry: dry vaccines and medications, powders, pills, creams, suspensions,etc.
  •  Building industry: cement, plaster, chalk, building solutions, jointing materials, wood, and other materials.
  •  Other industries: powders, pastes, dry products, etc 

If you bought moisture analyzer "Evlas- 2M" for one group of products and then you find it necessary to control moisture in other products, you will be able to reach maximum convergence of results on your own by making parallel measurements according to the standard and on the device. It is very easy and doesn't require high qualification. Just read the instruction manual.

Measurement time

Measurement time depends on sample's moisture contents and weight as well as on the product's ability to give away moisture.

Measurement methods

Substances' measurement methods are certified in the State Standard, if the substance is not on the list, we'll work out the method and certify it for you.


"Evlas 2M" is certified in the State Register under the #22077-01, certificate #11118 from 26.12.01.


Sibagropribor specialists will answer all your questions. You will get professional consultation and won't have any difficulties using our device.  
The service center would not leave you without attention and will provide warranty repair, if necessary, and post warranty service. The repair is done professionally and in the shortest possible time.

Technical Description

Range of moisture measurement, %

0 - 100

Standard deviation, %

not more than 
± 0,2

Range of deviations, depending on the analyzed material, %

from + 0,2 to + 1,5

Range of temperature settings in working conditions, °С

70 - 160

Deviation in setting and maintaining temperature working modes, °С

± 2,0

Indication of manufacturer's result in the digital form, % of discontinuity, %


Analyzed sample weight range, mg

2000 - 
10 000

Time of heating and preparation for work, min.

not more than 30

Service life, years

not less than 8

Mean-time-between-failures, hours

not less than 2000

Power consumption, W

not more than 370

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg