Nanotrac Wave II Q Nanoparticle Size Analyzer

Nanoparticle size analyzer accurately measures colloidal systems across wide concentration range.

The Nanotrac Wave II Q combines the best of both worlds for nanoparticle size analysis; Microtrac’s proprietary probe technology, adapted for a cuvette interface, facilitating fast measurements and the ability to dispose of the sample cell after use.

Using Reference Beating, an enhancement to traditional DLS, the Nanotrac Wave II Q delivers an amplified optical signal back to the photodetector, resulting in superior measurement accuracy for measuring size and molecular weight of nanoparticle suspensions.

Providing unparalleled characterization results, the Nanotrac Wave II takes full advantage of the amplified optical signal, probe technology fixed at the cuvette interface, and advanced algorithms. From ppm to near finished product, the Nanotrac Wave II Q determines fast, repeatable, and sensitive measurements of particles ranging from sub-nanometer to several microns.

Download the datasheet of the Nanotrac Wave II Q.

Even with a cuvette, Reference Beating increases the optical signal anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 times compared to traditional DLS. Users can accurately measure single and multi-modal distributions across a broad concentration range. Check out this short presentation that explains our proprietary technology, appropriately titled, the Microtrac Way.

Applications for the Nanotrac Wave II Q:

Nanotrac Wave II Q Analyzer Details:

  • Measures particle size from 0.3 to 10,000 nanometers
  • No blank measurement or prior knowledge of the size distribution required – simply load cuvette and measure
  • Compatible with 4 cuvette volumes:
    • Macro volume – 1000 μl
    • Glass – 1000 μl
    • Semi micro volume – 300 μl
    • Micro volume – 50 μl
  • Simultaneously measure size and concentration – Watch presentation that explains the capability.
  • Widest concentration range on the market from ppm to 40%
  • Cuvette error detection alerts
  • Peltier temperature control device

Having a hard time seeing those 30nm particles mixed in with larger particles? The Nanotrac Wave II Q can clearly resolve both the 100 nm and 30 nm particles. Nice clean peaks.

Clear multi-modal sizing capability