The All New Moisture Meter CA-310

The new CA-310 is a convertible Karl Fischer moisture meter that can easily switched from coulometric to volumetric measurement or vice versa just by changing the titration cells. Titration cells can be connected up to 4 channels for simultaneous measurements.
The user friendly Main Controller with 8.4 Inch LCD touch screen will enable users to control and access measurement data of each cells fast and easy. The Main Controller and the Stirrer can be connected by either USB cable or wireless (option) for data communication. The lower limit of measurement range is 5μg H2O for coulometric measurement with good repeatability*. (*subject to ambient conditions)

Various types of options are available:
Vaporizers: VA-300 (New), VA-200, VA-210, VA-230, VA-121, VA-122, VG-200 and VA-236S
Options: Barcode reader for Karl Fischer Reagent, Battery unit, Foot switch, Optical start switch, Reagent exchange unit, Thermal / Impact printers, etc.