Combustion TOC (total organic carbon) analysis is a popular technique for monitoring environmental water and discharge fluids; however detection performance for suspended matter in can be poor. 
The TOC-300V boasts a reliable, high-sensitivity Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech detection system together with direct injection for enhanced detection of suspended matter in samples.

Combustion oxidation: ISO8245 (EN1484), EPA 415.1, EPA 9060A, Standard methods 5310, ASTM D7573, and JIS K0101, JIS K0102, JIS K0557


Direct injection for improved SS detection
The TOC-300V is equipped with an auto sample changer and the all-new direct injection feature to enable direct measurement of suspended matter in sample.(patent pending)

Direct injection for improved precision
The TOC-300V complies with the cellulose (suspended matter) test employed in the world’s most stringent environmental standard, the European EN1484 (ISO 8245). No filtration system means no extraneous organic matter and greater accuracy.