LORESTA-GX has a expanded measuring range of 10-4~107 Ω. The probe enables one-touch direct reading of [Ω], [Ω/sq.], and [Ω∙cm]. It has a special silicon mode for silicon wafer measurement and one-touch automatic measurement by new functions like Auto-Hold and Timer Mode. The accurate low resistivity meter based on 4 Terminal 4 Pin method. It ensures a high accuracy by MCP probes’ spring contact method which keeps pin pitch, pressure and contact area on samples constant.

R&D, Production Engineering, Quality Control According to ASTM D 991 / ISO 2878 / ISO 1853 / JIS K 7194 / JIS R 1637


  • Paints, pastes, paints, printing ink 
  • Plastics, rubber
  • metallic thin films, metallised films 
  • amorphous silicon / silicon wafer
  • antistatic materials
  • EMC shielding materials
  • ITO glass, coated glass 
  • passivated metals 
  • magnesium alloys 
  • Coated sheet metal, steel, aluminum • etc.


Measuring Method 4-pin probe, constant-current method
Measuring mode Auto-Function : Auto-hold / Time Mode - Special Silicon Measuring Mode
Display 7.5" TFT LC-Touch Display, 640 x 480 Pixel
Power Supply AC 85-264 V / 47-63 Hz / 40 VA
Interface of Data Output USB
Dimensions 320mm x 285mm x 110mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Standard Accessories ASP Probe RMH110 (4-pin, inter-pin distance 5mm, pin-head radius 0.37mm)
Probe Checker RMH304 (1.0 Ω)