1.       Volumetric Reagent

The items required for volumetric titration are a Karl Fischer titrant and methanol or a dehydrated solvent (used to dissolve or disperse the sample). AQUAMICRON® offers a wide range of products suitable for measuring the moisture content of various samples at every level. Users can select a solvent that is suitable for the samples based on the following tables.

2.     Coulometric Reagent

There are two types of coulometric reagents : the anolyte (generating solution), which is placed in the anode chamber of the electrolysis cell, and the catholyte (counter electrolyte), which is placed in the cathode camber. There are also special anolyte for use with ketones, lower carboxylic acids and silicone oils. AQUAMICRON® can be used in coulometric moisture measurement systems sold by various companies, and it has a worldwide reputation for excellent performance.