Low/high resistance MCP-PD51

Built-in load-cell monitors the applied pressure up to 20kN with high accuracy.
Direct measurement of resistivity of powders via an easy one-touch attach/detach probe unit.

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  • Quality Control

Carbon Powders
Rechargeable battery electrode materials / Electronic parts materials (condensers, resistors,etc.) / Activated carbon / Cokes / Graphite / Carbon black / Carbon fibers / Carbon nanoparticles etc.

Metal Powders
Battery electrode materials / Thin film materials (copper powder , ITO powder , etc.) / Conductive pastes / Conductive paints and coatings.

Other Powders
Toners and related powders / Magnetic materials such as Ferrite / Food and pharmaceuticals / Automotive parts / Motor parts etc.

Control and Monitor the Characteristic of Powders via Resistivity
A Wide range of conductive powders can be measured under different pressures using the high accuracy pressure sensor and the unique probe unit (4 terminal / ring electrodes).
Easy measurement of resistivity and filling properties of powders under pressure. Optimal for controlling properties of powders.