About Company

Sibagropribor Ltd :

  • The development engineering company of the technology of the express control of milk quality
  • The official manufacturer and the only owner of the patents and license which give the right for the production of ultrasonic analyzers
  • The invention of ultrasound milk analyzer belongs to "Sibagropribor" and confirmed by 5 patents. Reliability and quality of the products are acknowledged by the leading Russian and international companies

In the foreign market the Sibagropribor introduces the whole series of the devices which successfully work in many countries of the world.

  • Series of milk quality analyzers "Laktan 1-4". Analyzers of milk quality are used at various enterprises or agricultural farms different in their scale and specialization but tightly connected directly or indirectly with milk production and milk processing. Milk quality analyzer will replace the whole laboratory either in private and State farm or in breeding farm as well as in places where milk is accepted and is to be assessed, in milk processing plants and selection stations, veterinary laboratories and milk kitchens. Sample analysis is done without the use of chemical reagents and extra equipment.
  • New generation of moisture analyzers "Elvas - 2M". Moisture analyzers simply the process of moisture measurement, don't require additional equipment, at the same time they save time and energy supply and much cheaper than foreign analogues.
  • Great news on the measurement devices market - grain analyzer "Elvas - 5", which doesn't require sampling and which can be used for the fast moisture and temperature measurement directly at the place of storage.
  • New! Infrared grain quality analyzer "Sagro Spektro Matic". It determines gluten, moisture, protein and fat.

Product catalog :

Milk Quality Analyzers

New Model

Revolutionary Solution for Dairy Sector : LAKTAN 900 COMPACT

The first handheld IR milk analyzer

Measurement time is only 5 seconds per sample

Cleaning is not required

Cost-effective instrument

Kieldahl system (analysis of nitrogen protein)

KELTRUN - Complete System

KELTRUN - Digestion/ ignition module (unit) with the gas-scrubber (washer)

KELTRUN - Digestion / Ignition Module

KELTRUN - Distillation module (unit) for steam distillation

KELTRUN - Distillation Module

KELTRUN - Titration unit

KELTRUN - Titration Unit

Analyzer of Somatic Cells in Milk

The analyzer of somatic cells in milk “Somatos Mini”

Somatos Mini

Analyzer of Freezing Point in Milk

Analyzer of freezing point in milk Cryoscope "Termoscan Mini"

Termoscan Mini

Moisture Balance